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More than a thousand new beech trees and more than five hundred young fir trees have been growing since last autumn on the slopes of Smrčiny at the very end of the Tyra Valley in Třinec. The new forest was planted by people from the non-profit organization ČSOP Salamandr thanks to a financial donation from Třinecké železárny.

They took over instead of the employees of the steelworks, who planted the trees as part of a volunteer day. Last year, it could not take place due to anti-epidemic measures.

"We are glad that this year we could contribute to the restoration of forests around Třinec again, which also helps to reduce CO2 in the atmosphere. Unfortunately, this time without the help of our people, who, by the way, are very much looking forward to this volunteer activity," notes Ivo Žižka, Director of HR and External Relations of the company. He hopes that this year's event will also be held with the participation of employees.

The professional non-profit organisation ČSOP Salamandr has been planting in the forests for almost 20 years. Last autumn, they planted a total of 1,667 trees in Smrčina using a donation from Třinec Ironworks.

"These are areas where the current non-native spruce monoculture is breaking up and forming mesic stands. They were previously selected for gradual restoration to a forest with a natural composition of trees and a diverse structure in agreement with the Forests of the Czech Republic as the administrator of the area and the Beskydy Protected Landscape Area Administration. The location of this site makes it suitable for rare animal species, especially the grouse," explains Vojtěch Bajer, chairman of the non-profit organisation ČSOP Salamandr.

The planted trees come again from the forest nurseries in Košařiska. The seedlings also have genetic origins in the valuable forests of the Beskydy Mountains, and thanks to this their potential in local conditions is much higher.