Cooperation with Schools

Cooperation with the Primary, Secondary Schools and Universities

Cooperation of Třinecké železárny with schools is based on a long-term tradition. Many times an employee’s story begins as early as primary school when a pupil is deciding on their future career choice. Our company liaises with schools, promotes professions in Třinecké železárny among pupils, teachers and parents; it presents its objective to maintain the production of steel as a recyclable material. In 2002, Třinecké železárny established its own program of cooperation with schools of all grades for this purpose. The activities are focused on the motivation of pupils to study technical courses.

What are the benefits of this cooperation?

  • to help pupils/students and parents in the decision making process regarding their children’s choice of a future profession
  • to assist students during their studies
  • to improve the awareness of steelmaking and strengthening the company position within the region
  • to recruit a qualified labour force for the company and Třinecké železárny - Moravia Steel Group
  • to maintain a highly qualified staff and to provide a connection between theory and practical experience

Třinecké železárny cooperates with the secondary schools mentioned below. Find more information on the following secondary schools:


Cooperation with Universities

  • granting merit scholarships for students of daily courses
  • participation of experts from Třinecké železárny in the seminars and lectures for students
  • summer jobs, internships, practical trainings
  • educational excursions for easier decision making about a profession
  • manager shadowing program
  • submission of the bachelor's works and dissertations
  • supervision of the bachelor's works and dissertations
  • presentations of Třinecké železárny


We are in contact with:

We are open to cooperation wit university graduates especially in mechanical engineering, metallurgy and materials engineering, electrical engineering and computer studies.