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Třinec steelworks investments drift towards increasing added value of steel products

Launching new annealing furnaces, construction of another peeling and finishing line, installation of additional billets grinders and completion of the reconstruction of one of the casting strands owing to the six-hundred-millimetre diameter of cast blooms. These are just four of dozens of investment projects being planned this year at Třinecké železárny. Their total value exceeds 2.5 billion of Czech crowns.

The company will invest into its detached operation in Staré Město or in Millet Bill Kladno.“Our annual investments into modernization, reconstruction and repairs are absolutely necessary for further company development in order to maintain the market position. We have to earn money for these huge investments indeed," says Mr. Jan Czudek, CEO of the company.

The company invested more than three billion Czech crowns into development and modernization last year. Approximately, one-third referred to environmental projects decreasing a negative impact on the environment.

A number of investments have started last year and will be put into operation this year. They include, e. g. the billet grinding centre. “This year, we will complete the installation of two grinders together with the third grinding equipment. That investments of a total amount of 600 million Czech crowns will definitely pay off. We are about to improve the quality of the input material, which is required for further processing, for example manufacturing of screws, bearings or springs," explains Mr. Radek Olszar, Director of Investments and Strategy. At the same time, the company will start the operation of new annealing furnaces to improve the properties of steel products.

The construction of a new processing line No. 2 for steel bars in the proximity of the existing treatment station of bright bars will begin within few months. The purpose is to process the cross-section of 30 up to 80 mm of length into 10.5 meter in fully automatic mode. Investment costs, according to preliminary calculations, should reach 250 million crowns.

A production of a new size of 600 mm diameter cast round blooms will be an important innovation. Until now, the ironworks has produced a product with a diameter of maximum 525 mm. “The new continuous casting strand allows making available on the market steel casts especially demanded in the wind energy segment where wind turbines are being built," adds Radek Olszar. The total cost of this investment reaches CZK 125 million.

The company of Třinecké železárny invests this year also into the operation plant of drawn steel in Staré Město concerning the storage system with a fully automated shelf-stacker for about CZK 220 million. The Kladno Mill is expected to invest into technology worth CZK 170 million.

Třinecké železárny has planned to produce 2.55 million tons of steel this year, about 30 thousand tons more than in 2017. This will also be enabled by newly reconstructed and modernized production facilities, which were renewed last year.

Petra Macková Jurásková
Press Secretary of theTřinecké železárny - Moravia Steel Group
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