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The Blooming Mill will udergo a Substantial Transformation

The night on August 1, the blooming mill finally stopped. This year's biggest investment in Třinecké železárny – the modernization of the plant, which is called the heart of all rolling mills by the rolling mill employees – has begun. This rolling mill processes up to 600 thousand tons of steel of the heaviest profiles such as blooms and slabs, inputs to the reversing mill to be transformed into the billets or rails. The obsolete rolling mill needs a complete replacement. The investment amounts to CZK 700 million.

One of the oldest rolling mills is in operation for 103 years and was put into operation in 1914. It consists of a rolling mill with hydraulic cylinder construction using pressure water and ruler system with edges and feed with working rollers. The roller drive is provided through a 2600-kilowatts rear comb mount. The blooming mils is processing the 300 x 350 mm input blooms, preheated in a walking beam furnace, then the ingots or cast blooms of a square or circular cross-section preheated in soaking pit furnaces.

"Below the facility itself, we are going to build the foundation, including a giant base that can absorb up to 850 cubic meters of concrete over an area of ​​over 480 square meters, with a total of 2 300 cubic meters. Excavation underneath the facility will reach up to nine meters deep," says Radek Olszar, Director of Investment and Strategy.

The German technology company will supply the rolling mill technology. It is a semi-automatic line with options of manual or fully automatic mode. This is an up to date rolling mill with hydraulic shears controlled by the latest technology. The Italian company will supply a new billet stand, tilting and dividing saw.

Thanks to the new rolling mill, the accuracy of production will increase, which will have an effect on further processing. The new blooming mill, including the facilities, will launch in November this year.

Petra Jurásková
Press Secretary of the Třinecké železárny - Moravia Steel Group
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