Natural Environment

The environmental protection program has been an inseparable part of the business plan of Třinecké železárny for number of years. Třinecké železárny makes continuous efforts to decrease the ecological load in its vicinity. The long-term conceptual work in this area is gradually bringing positive effects to the surrounding country.

A permanent reduction of discharged gaseous emissions and dust is visible in the gradual regeneration of the surrounding Beskydy forests.

The system of closed water circuits and waste water treatment plants ensures economical disposal of surface water sources and a low level of waste water pollution released to water courses.

The handling of large-scale and low-scale wastes that are generated in the production processes of Třinecké železárny also complies with the current requirements. A significant part of the wastes is recycled and reused in the metallurgical production, another part is utilized as a secondary raw material for further processing in other branches of industry. The waste that cannot be recycled or otherwise processed is stored in controlled dumps in such a way that its deposit complies with the strict hygienic standards prescribed by the law on wastes.

Concern for the natural vegetation within the premises of the iron and steel-works is an integral part of the environmental program. Of course, this includes the care of the bio-corridor along the Olše River which flows through the works for a distance of almost 7 km, as well as maintenance of the green areas in the town of Třinec and its vicinity. Significant activities include a solution to old environmental loads where implementation of a project with the objective of gradual sanitization of the contaminated area has already begun. The first successes have been achieved in this field and in accordance with the elaborated long-term program; a phased solution has been prepared to resolve this financially and technically demanding task.

All the above mentioned facts prove that Třinecké železárny has a permanent interest in reducing the impact of iron and steel production on the environment.

Emissions discharged to the air 1982-2017 (t/year)

Corporate Social Responsibility Report

ochranná známka TŽ Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2018, pdf 3.5 MB
Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2017, pdf 3.5 MB
Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2016, pdf 3.1 MB
Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2015, pdf 2.9 MB



Declaration of Třinecké železárny - chemical legislation                 

ochranná známka TŽ REACH Declaration
Statement on Registration of Substances in Accordance with Regulation ES No. 1907/2006 REACH
Manufacturer Declaration - EU Directive Reg. No. 2011/65/EU
Information about Providing Safety Data Sheets



Policy of Quality, Environmental, Energy system and Organizational Health and Safety in TŽ - MS

in accordance to ČSN EN ISO 9001, IATF 16 949, ČSN EN ISO 14001 and ČSN EN ISO 50001

The key business activity of TŘINECKÉ ŽELEZÁRNY, a.s., and MORAVIA STEEL a.s., is the production and sale of metallurgical products for which their finalization and added value are increased. An integral part of business activities is continual quality improvement, environmental burden reduction including the efforts on reduction of greenhouse gases emissions, employee health care and optimal energy management leading to reduction of energy consumption. Taking into account the social responsibility of all interested parties and the pursuit of the sustainable development of both companies and region, the following principles in different areas of the strategic framework are defined:

A. Partnership

Customers, processors of our material and suppliers are considered to be partners involved in the quality of our products. The focus is on the current and future requirements of customers and processors. Emphasis is placed on expanding cooperation with these partners, especially in the field of the most demanding range of wires, special bars and their products, rails and seamless tubes.

Partnering with suppliers of major commodities, services and energies makes it possible to plan responsibly and react to the immediate situation inside and outside the company.

We respond to the requirements of our partners, including the State and regional bodies, for reducing the environmental impact of the used technologies and the actual products while gradually removing old environmental burdens of TŘINECKÉ ŽELEZÁRNY, a.s. We provide our partners with all relevant data and guarantees.

B. Technology

The development of the production base, technological and research activities are aimed at continuous improvement of product quality, introduction of new products and production technologies in order to:

  • meet the present and future customers’ and processors’ requirements for quality of supplies
  • meet the requirements for products in the regulated sphere (construction, pressure vessels)
  • use raw materials, materials and energy effectively, to reduce their consumption which would have the expected positive impact on greenhouse gas emissions
  • take into account the energy intensity of processes and favoring energy-saving technologies and equipment in cases with multiple choice options
  • reduce amount of generated and increase its use
  • preventively reduce the overall negative impact of production on human health and lives, environment and property
  • minimize the effects of serious accidents on human health and lives, the environment, property and business results

C. People

The basis for ensuring qualified staff for the needs of TŽ-MS is effective cooperation with state, regional and private schools, especially technical direction. The employee training system covers the needs of all existing and upcoming development projects with the simultaneous suppression of unwanted fluctuations of key employees. Increasing intellectual capital is an essential approach to human resource management, leading to an increase in:

  • qualification, knowledge and capabilities of staff in all operating and managerial positions
  • awareness of responsibility for the quality and safety of products
  • awareness of responsibility for own health, co-workers' health and the working environment
  • environmental awareness with the aim of prevention focused at reducing environmental pollution
  • prevention level of major accidents at all stages of management
  • awareness of the need for efficient energy management and avoidance of its waste

D. Management

Both manufacturing and support activities reinforce the principles of a process approach focusing on prevention, which, in conjunction with project management and teamwork at all levels, are the basis for improving all certified management systems.

The manufacturing processes, as the largest consumers, plan their production with regards to optimizing their energy consumption in order not to exceed the set target values in order to ensure compliance with both the working and the overall environmental requirements.

The management system in the TŽ-MS group responds to the changing business environment by optimizing the management and production processes, in particular through the introduction of progressive planning systems, automation and robotics. In finalizing production processes is applied zero error strategy, especially for the supply chains in the automotive industry.

Emphasis is placed on internal and external communication about the results achieved. The conditions for a wide involvement of employees in the issues of improvement are created, incl. energy savings and their active approach is required.

TŽ and MS Management Commitment

Within the scope of their competences, each member of the management:

  • seeks to provide adequate human, material, financial and information resources to ensure the objectives, reviews their availability and adequacy and guarantee their efficient use
  • takes decisions exclusively in accordance with legal regulations and standards
  • leads and motivates employees to work safely


Company management expects from senior executives:

  • compliance with the Company's Code of Conduct, in particular the prevention of corruption and respect for human rights
  • that work activities will be carried out by safe working procedures
  • developing this Policy into measurable objectives.


Company management expects from all of its employees:

  • compliance with work and technological procedures with a proactive approach to continuous improvement of the work of individuals and teams that leads to fulfillment of objectives and reduce costs in all workplaces
  • that they will not be indifferent to the waste of electricity, water, gas and all other kinds of energy in workplaces
  • that they will work in a way that does not endanger their health and the health of co-workers


This policy of quality, environment and health protection at work is further elaborated into objectives of quality, environmental and health protection at work in TŽ-MS.


In Třinec 5th of March 2019

Ing. Jan Czudek, m.p., Chief Executive Officer, TŘINECKÉ ŽELEZÁRNY, a.s.
Mgr. Krzysztof Ruciński, m. p., Commercial Director, MORAVIA STEEL a.s.