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More than 180 Years of Tradition

Třinecké železárny, founded in 1839, is the successor of a long tradition of metallurgical production in Těšín Silesia in the Czech Republic for more than 180 years.

7000 Employees

works in Třinecké železárny. Together with its subsidiaries, the Group employs approximately 15,000 people.

2,5 Million Tonnes of Steel Per Year

Třinecké železárny is an integrated steel producer, which includes operations from coke production to the final hot-rolled steel product.

Carbon Neutral

We are aware of the dangers of climate change and its consequences. By modernizing and introducing new technologies, we reduce CO2 emissions. Our goal is to be carbon neutral by 2050.

Time-tested quality

Over the entire period of existence, the Třinecké Železárny has produced almost 190 million tons of steel and rolled products from it, which have long been used all over the world.

  • 1. 4. 1839
    Founding of Třinecké Železárny by the Těšín Chamber of Commerce, blowing of the charcoal blast furnace
  • 1871
    Commencement of Operation on the Košice – Bohumín Railway line in the section Těšín – Žilina
  • 1. 1. 1906
    Třinecké Železárny part of the newly founded austrian mining and metallurgical joint stock company with its headquarters in Vienna
  • 28. 7. 1906
    World premiere of the introduction of electric drive in rolling mills
  • 1923
    Blast furnace no. IV, the largest in Czechoslovakia, is blown
  • 1929
    Registration of the trademark "Three hammers in a circle"
  • 1936
    Establishment of a factory school for the education of apprentices
  • 1949
    The first issue of the magazine "Třinecký hutník" is published
  • 1983
    Start of operation of the oxygen converter steel plant
  • 1996
    Moravia steel, a.s. becomes the majority owner


Together for the generations to come


Progressive socially responsible steel producer

We see the dangers of climate change and its consequences. We actively contribute to the protection of our planet. Our goal is to produce sustainable steel.


Sustainable development of products and services while applying socially responsible principles

The company's commitment to sustainable development is reflected in its social, economic and environmental responsibility and is an integral part of Třinecké železárny corporate culture and strategy. The strategy of producing high value-added products will continue to drive the investment policy of our business.

Financial Highlights




Steel For Green