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Coke Chemical Products

  • blast furnace coke
  • tar
  • benzene
  • ammonium sulphate

Metalurgical by-products

  • metal and metal-bearing additives for recycling in metallurgical production
  • granulated blast furnace slag for the construction and cement industries
  • ferric correction for clinker production in cement works

Quality First

Třinecké železárny consistently guarantees the quality of its products to all customers through established quality management tools.

Quality System

The certified quality system according to ISO 9001 complies with international standards and regulations. It provides a guarantee that conditions are created for the conformity of the delivery to the customer-defined requirements.

Quality System

Product Certification

Product certificates for more than 50 metallurgical products of Třinecké železárny give our customers a guarantee that the technical and utility parameters meet the requirements set by specific standards or conditions.