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We value our employees and care about their health. We support and organize convalescent stays, outpatient rehabilitation care and complementary convalescent care. Employees are rewarded for their work performance not only with salary but also with a range of other incentives, motivational components and social benefits that encourage quality performance while compensating for the effects of the work environment. Benefits are provided over and above the statutory framework.

We provide optional employee benefits in the form of perquisites.

Attractive earnings
5 weeks of vacations
Monthly bonus of 15 %
Optional benefits system
Awards for work and life anniversaries
Subsidised meals at the workplace
Pension contribution/savings
Rewards for economic results

TŽ regularly evaluates the risks to the health of employees and takes measures to eliminate them. The long-term positive results achieved in protecting the health of employees, the quality of preventive care and the established and effective management system in this area have also been recognised by the State Labour Inspection Office and in 2022, for the fourth time, TŽ was awarded the title of "Safe Enterprise".

We support the regions in which we operate and strive to further improve the quality of life of their inhabitants.

TŽ provides vocational training in the form of practical training for secondary school pupils at its operations. The vocational training of these minors is carried out in accordance with the educational programmes of the individual schools under the supervision of authorised employees of the secondary schools and instructors from among the employees of the individual TŽ plants in a special regime and in accordance with the contracts concluded between TŽ and the individual secondary schools.

We are thinking of the children in the region. We organise recreational stays in the mountains.

We apply the principles of conduct in all activities:

  • Work rules
  • Technical and organisational regulations
  • Social Code