HC Oceláři Třinec

The ice-hockey club was established in 1929 and has been a part of the Czech ice-hockey bests for many years. The club entered the Extra-league in 1995 and since this time has joined the Czech ice-hockey elite. In the 2010/2011 ice-hockey season, HC Oceláři Třinec achieved the greatest success so far - they won in the basic part of the Extra-league and in the play off as well. They also won the Presidential Cup and the Extra-league Cup for the winner of the Czech Ice-hockey Extra-league.

Golden Spike

The 57th year of the Golden Spike was traditionally held in June 2018 in Ostrava. A traditional athletics meeting has been held regularly in Ostrava – Vítkovice since 1961. The International Athletics Federation has classified the Zlatá tretra Meeting in 2003 among Super Grand Prix category meetings. The Mestsky stadium in Ostrava was filled up due to the presence of the top stars of world athletics.The Golden Spike offered a spectacular show with many breath-taking minutes as always.

Beskydská laťka

The 24rd year of the High Jump Cup "Beskydská laťka" took place in January 2018 in the multifunctional object of Werk Arena. Gold medalist Levern Spencer from Saint Lucia island won with an output of 195 cm and, thereby she maintained her reputation. Men´s competition in Třinec won Russia´s Danil Lysenko, who succeeded as the only one with 235 cm and, accordingly he proved a new record in Třinec meeting.


Gorolski Święto (Highlander´s Festival)

This year, “Gorolski Święto” (Highlander´s Festival) celebrated its 71st anniversary. The scene of the amphitheatre was dominated by remarkable ensembles, e.g. Czech, Slovak, Polish ensemble. The festival was full of the splendid atmosphere that is traditionally a part of the “Gorol” every year.

Slezské dny (Silesian Days)

The festival Silesian Days is undoubtedly one of the biggest cultural experiences in the village of Dolni Lomna. For more than 45 years, the first or the second weekend in September belongs to the festival Silesian Days which takes place at the premises of Ethnographic Complex. This important folkloric event attracts visitors from wide area. Every year, 23 foreign and domestic folklore groups perform on the stages of the Ethnographic Complex. Groups from Slovakia, Poland and other countries are regularly invited. This great feast of folklore is among the most popular of its kind in the Czech Republic.


Days of the People of Goodwill, Velehrad

Every year from 4th to 5th July, on the eve of the national holiday, the Day of the Slavonic Missionaries Cyril and Methodius, the Days of the People of Goodwill take place at Velehrad. Thus, the small village of Velehrad, which surpasses many cities in importance, becomes a setting for the most significant event of the year. In July 2018 visitors enjoyed the traditional projects of the non-profit sector and a festive concert, the Evening of the People of Goodwill as well. This begins every year on the stage in front of the basilica during which four charitable projects are introduced. The profit is then distributed among projects pre-selected in advance.

Heart of Europe

The cultural event on the Czech – Slovak – Polish borderland known as the Heart of Europe took place in 2018 for the fifthteenth time. As every year the concert has been related to the sale of symbolic paper hearts. The profit is traditionally donated to the social welfare institutions in the region. A few million crowns has been donated since 2003. The spectators had a remarkable musical experience due to performances of musical stars as Tereza Mašková, Mirai band, Special band etc.