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Wages for Employees of Třinecké železárny Will Increase This Year

This year's wage increase was agreed in the Collective Agreement by the company's management together with representatives of the basic organisations of the KOVO TŽ Trade Union.

Thanks to the agreed basic growth, the average wage will rise to CZK 39 710 at the end of 2022 from CZK 38 353 in previous year. If the company meets the planned economic result, the average wage of a Třinecké železárny employee could exceed CZK 40,000 thanks to extraordinary bonuses. 

"The basic growth represents an increase of CZK 1,700 on average, and up to CZK 2,500 for shift workers.  The bulk of the increase was directed to motivational components, especially for employees in continuous operation," says Ivo Žižka, Director for HR and External Relations

The plant decided to increase wages despite the fact that it is facing an extreme increase in energy costs this year, which will exceed CZK 5.5 billion. This is 1.4 billion more than last year. Other costs are also expected to rise due to upcoming projects to reduce the carbon footprint under the Green Deal. Massive growth in the cost of emission allowances and raw materials is also entering the company's financials. 

"We have a challenging period coming up and we need to weather it. However, in view of the rising cost of living, we cannot forget about our employees," says Jan Czudek, CEO of the company. Therefore, this year too, he calls for savings, which the company will seek in all operational activities, investments and employment in order to increase production efficiency. 

The collective agreement includes, among other things, increased financial compensation in the event of loss of medical fitness. There will also be higher amounts for work and life anniversaries, which the employer pays according to a certain number of years of employment. "For example, after five years of working for the mill, the company pays a one-off reward of CZK 3,000, after 25 years it is CZK 12,000 and so on. This is an extraordinary thank you to loyal long-term employees," the HR director explains.

In addition to the increase in wages and other benefits from the company's collective agreement, Marcel Pielesz, the chairman of the ZO OS KOVO TŽ, also considers the novelty in the collective agreement concerning optional benefits to be positive news for employees. "Employees will receive a uniform benefit of CZK 5,000 for the whole year, which they can divide into various activities offered, especially for their health," he points out

The collective bargaining agreement was signed by the smelter's representatives and union representatives on Tuesday, 18 January.


Petra Macková Jurásková
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