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An automatic line for steel bar treatment was put into operation in Třinecké železárny

Steel bars with a diameter of 30 to 80 millimetres come out of the new peeling line of Třinecké železárny with an accuracy of hundredths of a millimetre and without surface defects. The company put it into trial operation on Monday 5 December. It is a modern fully automatic line, the construction of which the mill started last year. The investment exceeded CZK 700 million.

The steel bars undergo automated material quality control using an online X-ray fluorescence spectrometer. The entire output section, in which the steel bars are bundled, preserved and packaged, is also automated. It includes the environmentally friendly processing of waste steel chips, which are crushed on site and then briquetted for further use.

"The new peeling line has a capacity of 90 kilotons per year. Its commissioning has increased our total capacity of peeled bars in Třinec to 150 kilotons per year, which will strengthen the company's market position. Customers are assured that the peeled bars meet strict dimensional tolerances to the hundredths of a millimetre and are free of any surface defects," explains Radek Olszar, Investment Director, explaining the main benefits of the project. The products are mainly aimed at the automotive industry, producing bearings, shafts and threaded rods for wind power plants. They are also used in the screwdriving industry and in forges.

"There are 20 operating employees, including dispatch, maintenance and IT, working on the line in the entire hall the size of the Werk Arena's four rinks (6,600 m2). They are able to produce up to 90 tonnes of material in one shift," calculates Production Director Česlav Marek.

This is the second technology at Třinecké železárny that increases the added value of the production of round steel bars. The first one started operation in 2014. Bar and profile steel is the second best-selling product of the largest Czech metallurgical company. Of the total production volume of 2,400 kilotonnes last year, bar and section steel accounted for nearly 540 kilotonnes.


Petra Macková Jurásková
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