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Blast Furnace Throats will no longer produce dust

Lower level of dust dust escapes into the air from the Blast Furnace No. 4 in Třinec Steelworks. The company has completed an ecological investment, which was equipped by the dust removal technology including a new filtration station. The investment will also take place at the Blast Furnace number 6.

The emission of particulate pollutants occurs in the vicinity of the Blast Furnace throats of both Blast Furnaces while unloading the skip hoist. "This happens at 90-second intervals. Both rate shafts will have a separate filtration unit, which will reduce the amount of captured dust and eliminate dust deposits on the steel structures," explained Radek Olszar, Investment Director. The company will complete the de-dusting of the Blast Furnace No. 6 by the end of this year.

The dust from the new filter units is going to be processed by the Sinter Plant and returned to the production process. This is another component of material recycling at Třinec Steelworks. "Already now, by recycling by-products, we have achieved that waste represents less than three percent of the volume of input raw materials consumed," adds Investment Director.

The company received a subsidy of CZK 16.9 million from the Operational Programme Environment for the investment of CZK 38 million. Thus, Třinecké železárny has been following on the ecological investments of previous years, which were mainly related to the reduction of emissions of solid pollutants. These investments enabled reduction of dust emissions to a historic level of only 118 tonnes in 2021. Since 1996, environmental investments have already exceeded CZK 10 billion.

Petra Macková Jurásková
Press Secretary of the Třinecké železárny - Moravia Steel Group
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