We are the biggest Czech steelmaking company with domestic capital and we produce the largest amount of steel in the Czech Republic.

Třinecké železárny together with Moravia Steel and numerous subsidiaries ranks among the most significant industrial groups in Middle Europe. The tradition of steelmaking production dates back to 1839. At present our products are exported to more than 60 countries all over the world.

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Třinec Steel Producer Managed to Earn More Than CZK 1 Billion

In 2017, Třinecké železárny (TŽ) earned CZK 35.859 billion for sales of products and semi-products. It was CZK 3.64 billion more than in 2016. Today, the General Meeting has concluded the company's profit with CZK 1.424 billion, representing a slight decrease compared to 2016 despite the higher sales volume.

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