Press Releases

Last year was successful for Třinecké železárny


Yesterday, the General Meeting of Třinecké železárny approved the company's financial results for the year under review. Although the past year was marked by a number of uncertainties and twists and turns, the company achieved a positive after-tax result of CZK 2.393 billion. The basis for this was the company's turnover of CZK 57.602 billion.

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New CEO of Třinecké železárny


Třinecké železárny changes its top management. Roman Heide has become the new Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO. He replaces Jan Czudek, who is leaving at his own request after eleven years in the position.

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The voluntary agreement of the region with Třinecké železárny is fulfilled


In June 2022, Třinecké železárny committed to activities that will lead to a reduced environmental burden. Both the Moravian-Silesian Region and Třinecké železárny have fulfilled their commitments, according to the retrospective evaluation.

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Investments in Reducing Energy Intensity and Improving Quality


Třinecké železárny is preparing investments exceeding one billion crowns for this year. They will be aimed at improving product properties, ecology and increasing the recycling rate of metallurgical gases.

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Blast Furnace Throats will no longer produce dust


Lower level of dust dust escapes into the air from the Blast Furnace No. 4 in Třinec Steelworks. The company has completed an ecological investment, which was equipped by the dust removal technology including a new filtration station. The investment will also take place at the Blast Furnace number 6.

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An automatic line for steel bar treatment was put into operation in Třinecké železárny


Steel bars with a diameter of 30 to 80 millimetres come out of the new peeling line of Třinecké železárny with an accuracy of hundredths of a millimetre and without surface defects. The company put it into trial operation on Monday 5 December. It is a modern fully automatic line, the construction of which the mill started last year. The investment exceeded CZK 700 million.

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The Company launches the first two photovoltaic power plants into the grid


Třinecké železárny together with its subsidiary Energetika Třinec will produce electricity from the sun in two photovoltaic power plants from December.

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Třinecké železárny concluded its 2021 financial year


Yesterday, the General Meeting of Třinecké železárny closed the company's financial results for 2021. Despite the decline in production, the company achieved a profit of CZK 1.306 billion. The mill produced 2.4 million tonnes of steel last year, down 7 percent year-on-year. The result was positively impacted by the development of sales, which increased by CZK 8.6 billion compared to the previous year to a total of CZK 43.715 billion.

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New modern equipment will be more efficient for unloading of raw materials


Třinecké železárny has started construction of a new facility for unloading of key raw materials. The modern rail unloading system, which is part of the Innofreight rail transport system, will replace the existing unloading equipment for commodities imported by rail. Innofreight's modular technology is based on weight-optimised rail cars with the possibility of using different types of interchangeable superstructures – containers.

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Steelworks Transformation Will Begin with the Construction of New Technology


This year, Třinecké železárny is going to start implementing of specific projects to reduce CO2 emissions into the air. According to calculations, their volume will decrease by more than a half by 2030. The integrated Green Werk Transformation Project will affect the energy sector, the product portfolio and primary production processes.

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